A Little Bit About Counselling.

Sometimes we encounter difficulties in our lives that just seem too much to manage alone, but when we stuggle to resolve them on our own they can seem too confusing, or too complicated, or too emotional, and, ultimately, insurmountable.

Sometimes people know what they want to change about themselves but don't know how. Others don't know what they need to change, but know they need to change something to make their lives better. Counselling provides a confidential and supportive place to explore your difficulties without judgement, a place to express and understand your feelings and explore new ways to live your life.

How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling therapy can provide you with the additional processing capacity to find meaningful resolutions to the difficulties in your life, whether in the workplace or the home, or in your relationships. My modality of working includes aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but where difficulties appear to stem from earlier developmental experiences, I incorporate relational techniques to address issues that may stem from non-cognitive experiences. Therapy can allow you to explore a deeper understanding of your self and the significant events that have shaped your life.

What Benefits can be Expected?

The immediate benefit of counselling is that it ensures that you are not alone in trying to find the answers. By working with someone who is empathic, sensitive, and professional, you will be able to bring about meaningful and lasting changes to your life.

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